About Us

Mercury Business Services was founded in Boston in 1984 with the goal of providing the best express delivery services in the most client friendly manner possible. In fact, this approach was outsourcing before this term even had a name. Early clients were several of the largest law firms in Boston.

Enthusiastic customer acceptance led to rapid growth and a broader base of clients across a much wider range of industries including Venture Capital, Biotechnology and Construction. In addition to our Boston office, Mercury has opened offices in Chicago and New York.

As the express delivery industry has changed so have the services offered but Mercury's goal has remained constant.

Our clients use us for different reasons. Many smaller clients tell us that they like our ease of use, one-stop shopping and the ability to get competitive pricing. Larger clients find that they save money by transferring time consuming shipping and billing tasks to Mercury. They also like our custom tailored billing solutions. All of them look to our solid customer service and extra value-added features to help them meet their express shipping needs.

Mercury is owned by a small management group that is active in the day to day operations of the company.

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White Glove Service

Mercury gives new meaning to the term “White Glove Service.” We act as if each one of our customers is our only customer. We give you the best that we have every time because our reputation is built on uncompromising service delivery. Giving you a flawless shipping experience is our highest goal. We do whatever it takes to get your job done right.

No hassles. No excuses.